Blue & White

Mara and I enjoyed crystal clear blue skies on today’s ride. We rode through long rows of white snowy cornfield stubble, and around the edge of woods. The sun warmed us and the winds were still, it was mostly silent except for the occasional bird sounds, ideal conditions. Mara even cleaned her legs to her fetlocks (horses’s ankle) by going through the fresh snow, which was an added bonus!

New Spring Views

Mara and I had an energizing morning ride with Alanna and Allegro today. We rode through the Meyer Farm and went off the field road to walk the fence line between their pasture and corn field. Providing us some new views because we had not been over here since late last fall. We observed turkeys along the way, greeted the cows in the feedlot and enjoyed the long views of the power lines.

Clouds and Tractors

Today Mara and I were seeing some of the big tractors and farm equipment out of storage and being cleaned and inspected, a good sign of Spring we think. Our ride time out back was all about enjoying the beautiful blue sky and big fluffy clouds. The footing is still very mixed between snow and very wet/muddy ground which is contributing to help condition Mara a little bit more each ride.

Snow Ride with Bella

Alanna and Bella rode with us this afternoon on a great snow ride! Just sorry it’s April because it felt like a February trail ride. We still had substantial snow on a few stretches of trail. We circled the back corn field on the way home and encountered a pheasant and we think an Indigo Bunting or was it an early Blue Bird, not sure but fun to spot. The horses were both excellent and they got some good conditioning exercise.

4/4 Snow Ride

Mara B had a good lunging session in the indoor arena this afternoon, she really wanted to move out. Then we saddled up for an early April snow ride around the barnyard, rather deep snow too! We walked past the maple syrup collection buckets which is hopefully a sign of real spring, arriving soon.

Fields with J&J

Saint Patrick’s Day brought us ideal spring weather for today’s ride! Jay hiked along with Jennifer and me and was our wonderful photographer. Our mares were excellent and we all enjoyed our time in the back corn field. Blessings and a bit of Irish luck to all of our MM followers on this Saint Patrick’s Day.🍀

Cat Nap & Cow Pasture

Mara B was resting comfortably when I arrived at the barn today, I don’t catch her laying down all that often. I slowly got her to get up and I then had a half clean half wet/dirty horse to groom. We had a stroll around the cow pasture for our ride time and enjoyed covering the patches of snowless ground. It was good to have a new perspective plus the promise of more snow melt ahead.

Back to Sam’s

We caught some good ride time with Jennifer and Bella this afternoon and rode to Sam’s together. Mara and I then diverted up the road to Meyers when they headed back into the stable. Geese are still hanging out in the cow pasture, however today we only heard them and did not have any flying directly overhead.

Snow, Mud & Geese

Mara and I rode around some of the hay field as well as down the road this afternoon and met various spring conditions. With snow still deep in places and mud and water puddles other places we are just doing our best to ride “out.” Many geese are in the fields and we hear them as well as see them, two flew up near us on the road. Sunshine and temps in the forties are very welcome regardless of the snow, mud or noisy geese.

Still Flag

Mara and I had a pleasant walk on our quiet neighborhood road this morning and the flags we saw were all still, which is just the way we like it. We think that Spring is on the verge of breaking out. I noticed “brighter” light and many more bird sounds today.